Matthew Moreno
Matthew Moreno is an Essex County native who bounced around South Florida for a couple of years before returning to the Garden State. When it comes to flow there in an unquestionable sense of confidence to his unapologetic, bold, and in your face type of approach. Confrontational and controversial to some there is still a consistent charismatic, laidback and relaxed aura to his delivery. Elements of jazz are usually the underling foundation to his style of Hip-Hop, but Hip-Hop is not where his sound ends. Though punchlines, metaphors, and word play can always be found in the forefront of his music, his uncanny ability to express himself gives you insight into his personal life, relationships, morals, and beliefs. Jazz, R&B, House, Alternative, and Bossa Nova are no stranger to his arsenal of lyrics. With his "pen" making people think, feel good, and enjoy Hip-Hop in a new light is the mission of Matthew Moreno. He is unmistakably a breathe of fresh air that has been missing for years.