Matthew Moreno
Matthew is an Essex County native who bounced around South Florida for a couple of years before returning to the Garden State. With a vibe comparable to a more outspoken and disrespectful version of the Fugees he intends to reawaken the roots of rap to the upcoming generation. Boom bap is without a doubt the foundation to his flow along with a classic combo of east coast aggression. Punchlines, metaphors, and word play are all part of his plan to resurrect that "Dirty Jersey" feel back to the hip-hop scene but that is not his only purpose for rhyming. Topics such as racial injustice, police corruption, self discovery, humility and spirituality can all be found in his music. Providing insight and raising awareness on positive subject matters is his mission when recording. Matthew unmistakably is a breath of fresh air that has been lacking in the industry for the past decade.